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The Jerusalem

The NEW MISSION of The Jerusalem Project is to reveal The Will of The LORD regarding Jerusalem: that The Creator of the Earth and everything in it wants Jerusalem for His Own. more...

TJP 10/11/2012 Update

Includes SkyWriting

TJP 8/22/2011 Update - The Lord Wants Jerusalem

On 5/24/11, Sky was Told that The Lord wants Jerusalem for His own.

TJP 8/17/2011 Update - Follow Me

At first, the Experiences Sky now calls 'Contacts' were baffling and upsetting to his worldview.

View photos from TJP-Damascus

View photos from The Jerusalem Project - Damascus, Syria

Our Mission
The Jerusalem Jurisdiction, the United Nations and the Daughters of Zion. More...
The Creator's House
How can you sit in your comfortable chair while God's House lies in ruins? More...
Shining Stars
The possibility of everlasting life. More...
One Planet Music
A collection of 5 songs supporting the "Jerusalem Project". More...
Draft Of A Resolution In Support Of The Jerusalem Project
This website is dedicated to people zealous of good works, people who reject violence and destruction, people who embrace loving-kindness and construction.

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The Holy Land

The Future Of The Jerusalem Project - The Creator's Project

The 'Aina Protocol

The 'Aina O Kupuna Protocol, or the 'Aina Protocol for short, is a methodology for describing an individual using words that are non-offensive and logically consistent.

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